Seaweed + Your body = Happy!

The ocean’s plants undergo constant change. Ocean waters are turbulent and conditions are always different. This makes their composition incredibly useful to the human body.
Seaweed can regenerate itself up to 2 feet per day, given the right conditions.

Seaweed or kelp powder can be found at most health stores, and all OVER the place online. Here’s some for 5 bucks on Amazon! (No, I’m not paid by amazon. It’s just so cheap, amazing and quick)


1. If you have sheets of seaweed or Kelp, grind it up. Get a Tablespoon of powder ready.

2. Make yourself some Green tea, relax and drink. Leave a little bit at the bottom… [;

3. Get the powder in a little bowl, and add a tad more than one Tablespoon of Green tea. (Lukewarm) As needed, to make a fairly thick, pasty consistency.

4. Add a Teaspoon of aloe vera and a Teaspoon of Honey.

5. Mix until it looks like something you can apply freely to your skin. Take your time… Enjoy the combining of different elements. Meditate and focus on your breathing…. (Optional but necessary)

6. Apply to your skin. Usually used as a face mask, but you can use it wherever you think you need to!

7. Leave for 20 minutes, and massage it away with Lukewarm water.

8. PAT dry. Remember, you want to care for your skin. Love it, and it’ll love you back!


Stay healthy stay wise

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