Nutrisystem reviews are important since NutriSystem diet has been around for over 40 years and demonstrated its effectiveness.

Weight loss is one of the most difficult endeavors to pursue; yet one of the most rewarding. It can be a daunting task. Humans are inherently habitual creatures, and change is hard. Changing your lifestyle, the food you eat, setting realistic goals and keeping them; all feel unnatural at the beginning. Like any change, it is much easier to be successful when you have a solid plan in place. Embarking on such a life-changing journey is overwhelming when you have no experience or knowledge in how to achieve your goals. Nutrisystem provides you with that plan in order to stay on track and be consistent, and additional Nutrisystem reviews from customers solidify the success of the plan. Nutrisystem’s process involves the concept of portion control, while simultaneously providing participants with balanced meals designed to be eaten frequently throughout the day. The term “dieting” is generally accompanied with thoughts of hunger and going long periods of time without food. However Nutrisystem’s process is the opposite. The plan keeps you eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods in small portions throughout the day. Nutrisystem reviews indicate that this was one of the components most appreciated by participants. Due to the fact that you are eating six meals per day with healthy snacks in between, you will not feel the need to over-eat at any meal.

Portion control doesn’t mean you have to eat tiny portions of everything Lisa Young, PhD, RD

Although the main tenant of the Nutrisystem program is the food plan, there are many other helpful resources that Nutrisystem provides in order for participants to experience the highest level of success possible. Nutrisystem recognizes the fact that dieting alone does not guarantee immediate success, therefore they provide participants with an exercise guide as well. “My Daily 3” is an exercise plan with guidelines that can be personalized depending on the participant’s circumstances. There are sample workouts, tips, and exercise trackers to assist the participant in reaching their goals in a timely matter. Nutrisystem reviews reveal the fact that many participants relied upon this component of the program as well. In addition to resources supporting physical activity, there is behavioral support. It is also recognized that a change in lifestyle and behavior must be made in order to support changes in eating and physical activity habits. Due to the fact that no face-to-face support is available through this program, there are many online resources. Participants are given free access to trained counselors via phone, online chat, and email. Self-monitoring tools provided include meal and work-out templates available online or as a print out, as well as mobile apps encouraging record keeping. Many participants who have utilized these resources claim in their reviews of Nutrisystem that behavior management was a key to their success in this program. The behavior modification guide focuses on 13 different topics for a 13 week “Mindset Makeover” related to mental and behavioral changes that support weight loss. There is an interactive form available online. Additionally, peer support is emphasized through the discussion boards and chat rooms available to participants. For diabetic participants, there are individualized equivalents of all the resources previously mentioned.


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Dedicating so much time and investing your goals in a program can be intimidating when your knowledge of said program is slim, or if there is no substantial support of the product. However the majority of Nutrisystem reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Trusted public figures such as Marie Osmond personally recommend and promote this product. In addition to the positive Nutrisystem reviews of many celebrities, the general public has found much satisfaction in the product, and found statistically significant results.

Nutrisystem reviews are abundantly positive, and if the common skeptic finds no solace in taking the word of a celebrity, there are plenty of cases in which average Americans have tried the product and provided positive reviews. When trying out a product, it is very important to research the reviews and become familiar with the general reception of the product before investing time and money into it. Fortunately, there is a long history of Nutrisystem reviews from which an interested potential customer could learn about the product’s benefits. provides the top 1,300 Nutrisystem reviews, ranking in order of how helpful the comment was for the site’s visitors. Located here are over 1,000 Nutrisystem reviews featuring people who took the time to share their positive experience with the public due to the fact that they experienced such life-altering results. Among these Nutrisystem reviews are examples of total weight loss due to product use; and the average results are astonishing. If you’ve been struggling to lose ten pounds, you’ll be pleased to find that many people report in their reviews of Nutrisystem losing upwards of thirty pounds! Among claims of extreme weight loss are additional reports of behavior changes and habit reconstruction. Nutrisystem reviews indicate that the behavior changes and habit reconstruction are due to the additional resources provided. The most common benefit to the food plans that customers identify is the newfound ability to control portion size and eat smaller meals more frequently without experiencing hunger in between. Retraining the mind is a difficult task, however Nutrisystem reviews clearly portray the fact that participants are able to easily reconstruct their eating habits with the easy-to-follow meal plan.

Though Nutrisystem is one very popular weight loss program, there are others that potential participants may be inclined to research as well. One example is Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig is well known and supported by many; but how do the two programs match up when investigated side by side? To begin with, let’s look at initial cost. Nutrisystem meals have you spending about $10 to $11 per day, while Jenny Craig has you spending about $15. Additionally, Jenny Craig requires an initial membership fee of $50, as well as a binding contract for a specific length of time. Nutrisystem requires no membership fee and no contract, meaning that you can stop at any time you’d like plus 100% money back guaranteed. Finally, Jenny Craig requires a $130 shipping fee, while Nutrisystem provides free shipping for its customers. As far as cost alone, Nutrisystem allows participants to reach their goals at a much lower cost than its competitive counterpart. Nutrisystem reviews indicate that this is a major aspect of the two programs that assisted participants in making the decision.

Making the first step to choosing a weight loss program can be stressful and overwhelming. Change is hard, and it’s even harder when you don’t have enough knowledge about a product to make an informed decision. Fortunately, satisfied Nutrisystem customers have produced large amounts of reviews that can assist you in making an informed decision based off of the experiences of others. Nutrisystem reviews make it much easier to dedicate your time and goals to the program. Once you choose the program that will best support you and your needs, you will be able to make greater strides toward achieving your goals.

These are everyday people just like you, who have undergone the Nutrisystem Transformation and wrote the Nutrisystem Reviews to share their experiences.

Nutrisystem reviews“I am 48 and fought the weight battle all my life. The scale went up and down,  and every diet and weight plan had little success. I wasn’t completely convinced that I could lose that weight, and felt like my body just wasn’t able to do it. I decided to try Nutrisystem and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did. It just worked for me and my schedule, And It was easy for us; my husband did it with me, and without any cooking required, the plan was just about us.

I was surprised at how easy Nutrisystem is to stick to and how I look forward to actually eating. The Fast 5 shakes help with days that I’m driving & also I use meal bars for the road too. I’m happy to say that Nutrisystem WORKS, and this is just one of many nutrisystem reviews.

It’s just really easy! No weighing, measuring, etc. Everything is compact and 99% of all the meals I loved, and to see results in the first week… it was just thrilling for me! I’m so confident that I can keep going, and I will. THANK YOU”

-Julia Archer

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Nutrisystem reviews
“I started Nutrisystem almost two months ago. After reading so many nutrisystem reviews, I just had to give it a try. Over the years I gained almost 40 lbs, and nothing I did to get rid of it seemed to work, so I decided to give them a try. I bought a month’s supply of food, which had frozen entrees and desserts. I find the amount of food per serving smaller, but very tasty.

My first few weeks I did not follow the protocol and actually to the letter and sometimes even ate the Nutrisystem food along with whatever I had made for my hubby for dinner and STILL managed to lose about a pound a week. At about the third week, I followed the protocol more and added veggies, but still did not follow it exactly because I had an extra breakfast muffin for dessert at every meal. And even though I did that… I still kept losing weight!

After almost two months of not following the plan exactly, I lost 8 lbs, and this has actually gotten me excited about starting to exercise to see even better results. I’m an emotional eater, and find that eating Nutrisystem whenever I get the urge to eat is way better than eating some other store bought dessert and because the food has a good level of fiber and protein, it becomes hard to keep eating unlike it does with a store bought cake, or cookies. I don’t know for how long I can stay on Nutrisystem before I get tired of the food, but so far, I’m very happy with it and believe that because the weight loss has been gradual, I will be able to keep it off.”

-Jenny Pearce

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Nutrisystem Reviews“I needed to learn how to control my portion and the types of food I eat. I stuck to Nutrisystem’s meals for 2 months, and I added a salad and reduced-calorie flatbread in the evenings.

After 2 months, I was able to begin a walking program. I lost 40 pounds at that point, I was able to start exercising with much less pain in my knees and joints. I would recommend some massage once a month to keep your body healthy.

The next two months, I added snacks of nuts and ate out once or twice a week. I went from losing weight fast, to a slower drop. Now, after 4 months of sticking with the program, I am down from 245 to 188 LBS and I’m still losing about 1 pound every 2 weeks. My exercise program has increased, my knees are healing and I FEEL FANTASTIC.”

-Maria Dodd

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Nutrisystem Reviews“Nutrisystem takes the “thinking” out of eating. I love their food (with one dessert exception). I’ve received my 2nd month’s worth and can’t wait to try the new items. I bought it through and had no trouble dealing with their customer service. I highly recommend it as a short-term kick start to a healthier lifestyle. I’m working my way through it, doing it my way with Nutrisystem’s help.”

-Adam Wright

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Nutrisystem Reviews“I was feeling pretty hopeless. I was weighing in at 185 lbs and getting bigger.. I didn’t see a way to stop eating fatty foods. I loved it way too much. After reading so many nutrisystem reviews, I signed up. I found that it actually has wonderful tasting food and made me steadily lose weight until I got the 30 LBS off!

The best part was that my stomach became way more flat!! I know so much more about my own body now, and how to control my cravings. I felt healthier and learned a lot about how to control portions as well from the counselors at Nutrisystem. They were always there, ready to help me when I called. They always listen very well and give you insightful advice and support with your Goals. A few of my friends joined as well, and it’s becoming a sort of Competition… Highly Recommended!

-Mackenzi Kimball

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