Does NutriSystem Work?

It’s simple, Enjoy Your Life!

For most of us, life can be stressful. You may see the issue or task at hand as stress, but your body reacts to stress as more of a threat. Your body feels that hard times are coming, so it begins to put on fat to be burned off later.

Nutrisystem is a simple solution because they do the counting game for you. All you need to do is choose what you want, and your meals are delivered to your door. The shakes that are included are awesome too, because they keep unwanted cravings off and some have Caffeine in them, for a vitality and metabolism boost throughout the day.

Does Nutrisystem Work?When you have so many things already taken care of, like an entire month’s worth of meals – planned out, you won’t stress nearly as much. You look at the time. Time to eat? It’s ready to go, and it’s delicious. Does nutrisystem work? You’ll prove it to yourself in a week.

Another important factor is frequency, or how often you eat. This affects your metabolism, GREATLY! A good thing to imagine, is you, riding on a bike. You are your metabolism. When you’re riding and it’s nice and flat, you generally constantly pedal. When you eat a lot of food, your metabolism pedals really fast. When you stop eating, you stop pedaling, and end up slowing down. You repeat this process enough on a bike and you’ll be tired out in no time.

Constantly consuming healthy food, in healthy portions is the ideal way to lose weight. It’s the same as riding a bike while maintaining a comfortable, constant speed.

  • Nutrient-Rich-Nourishment

  • Portion Control

  • Counseling support

  • Structure and Flexibility

  • Metabolic Burn Rate

  • Balance Nutrition

  • Frequent Meals


Research has shown that eating smaller,
well balanced meals actually promotes
weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss.

  • You’ll eat 6 meals a day- that’s about 1 meal every 2-3 hours.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of entrees & snacks.
  • Your favorite grocery foods will complete the meals for a perfect balance.

 Hear what NutriSystem users have to say:

“This is the simplest weight loss product I have ever used. I lost 44 pounds! The food was great, and there was an excellent variety. Lots of stuff I already ate actually. I didn’t have to count points or calories. I just followed the guide they gave me. I have kept the weight off for Eleven months now. I feel so good about myself now. Nutrisystem gave me my life back. I have always admired Marie Osmond and I started the product because of her!!!!”

-Lori of Alliance, NE


“The people on the other end of the phone were gracious and helpful. Almost all of the food I loved and it’s filling. Two months now on Nutrisystem My Way has helped me learn to eat smaller, healthier meals but more constantly. After the first week, I actually stopped feeling a lot of cravings I normally had. The food journal is a good tool to have, and it comes with the package. Would recommend. A+”

-Lana of Nacogdoches, TX


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So does Nutrisystem work? We Guarantee your success or your money back! It’s really that simple.