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Seaweed + Your body = Happy!

The ocean’s plants undergo constant change. Ocean waters are turbulent and conditions are always different. This makes their composition incredibly useful to the human body. Seaweed can regenerate itself up to 2 feet per day, given the right conditions. Seaweed or kelp powder can be found at most health stores, and all OVER the place […]

7 Healthy foods you Probably aren’t eating.

Sauerkraut Boosted with Antioxidants and vitamins, and featuring plant-based probiotics! Cabbage on its own is quite the storehouse of nutrition. Aside from having half your daily recommended vitamin C and all of the needed daily vitamin K and beta-carotene… It has “3,3′-Diindolylmethane” (DIM), a compound that has been shown to prevent cancerous cells and protect human tissues during radiation therapy. “The fermentation […]

3 Amazing Juice recipes = weight loss

I use a Samson Juicer. You can find this anywhere you’d like. Amazon sells good juicers too, and Google can tell you EVERYTHING* =] These recipes can be switched around and changed to YOUR liking. It’s your body, and they’re your taste buds. Eventually, you’ll learn so much about Juicing that you’ll be making your […]